A biography of the life and activism of sharpe james

Rauschenbusch was born in Rochester, New Yorkreceived most of his schooling there, and taught at the Rochester Theological Seminary from to His father, August, a highly educated Westphalian Lutheran pastor, had gone to Missouri in as a missionary to German immigrants.

A biography of the life and activism of sharpe james

Booker was born in Washington, D. He studied at California's Stanford University, earning a B. He was a star football player and was elected to the student government council.

After returning to the U. He then started several free legal clinics for low-income residents of the neighboring city of New Haven, CT.

Although professionally and financially successful, in Booker moved into a Newark housing project called the Brick Towers, which was notorious for its run-down condition and festering crime problems.

He led the project's tenants in their fight for improvements in housing, maintenance and security. That same year he won election to the Newark City Council in an upset victory over a four-term incumbent.

The next year, as a council member, he went on a ten-day hunger strike to protest rampant and blatant drug-dealing in one of Newark's worst housing projects.

In he spent five months living in a motor home, staying on streets in some of the most crime- and drug-infested areas of the city to get an idea of just how bad conditions were. These and other tactics did not win him many friends in local government, and the many ordinances, city code revisions and laws he proposed were almost always voted down by his fellow council members.

Frustrated at the resistance he met on the council, in he decided not to try for re-election but to run for the position of Mayor. His uphill battle against long-time mayor and veteran of Newark's brand of rough-and-tumble politics Sharpe James was chronicled in the Academy Award-nominated documentary Street Fight by filmmaker Marshall Curry.

Although Booker made a strong showing, he ultimately lost the election. In he again ran for mayor of Newark. However, incumbent mayor James, who had beaten him in the '02 election, suddenly decided to drop out of the race.

James, who was also a state senator, picked a Newark deputy mayor to run in his place.

A biography of the life and activism of sharpe james

In addition, Newark voters swept out the entire City Council, replacing them with the slate of candidates endorsed by Booker, giving him solid control over the city government. Booker's first few months in office were, to say the least, tumultuous.

Shortly before taking office he sued the city of Newark in state court to stop it from selling city land at prices he felt were much too low.

Although the outgoing City Council argued in court that selling the land cheaply was the only way to encourage improvement in the deteriorated inner city, the courts ultimately agreed with Booker and, in addition, noted that the former city council had ensured that many of the recipients of these bargain land deals were developers who had contributed to the council members' campaigns.

Also, an assassination plot against Booker by the leaders of several Newark street gangs was discovered. The gangs, angered by Booker's campaign promises to increase the number of police on the streets and to crack down hard on street gang crime, had planned to have members who were incarcerated in several state prisons simultaneously start riots there, and then have gang members on the outside assassinate Booker while authorities' attention was diverted.

Toward the end of his second four-year term, he won a special election to replace Frank Lautenberg in the U. Favorite author is James Baldwin. Senator from New Jersey since With other Democrats say the new GOP health care legislation would cause millions of Americans, particularly those in rural and low-income areas, to lose the coverage they gained under the Affordable Care Act.

Delivered the commencement speech for Ramapo College. Personal Quotes 2 [on President Trump's decision to ban transgender people from military service]Transgender Americans in military are heroes like anyone else risking their lives to defend us.

From tear gas to jail cells to brutal, hateful beatings. With truly death-defying sacrifices and an almost irrational love-fueled persistence in the cause of our country, John Lewis has spent his life dedicated to the freedoms, liberties and justice we enjoy I'm not sure a week goes by in the Capitol, where I often see Lewis, that I don't feel the inexpressible gratitude and debt that I owe - that we all owe - to this living legend.

Look closely at his shoulders. They are worn from helping my generation, and generations yet unborn, stand higher and taller.

And they are still laboring - still sturdy."A former NBA player and current activist and MSNBC commentator returns with a collection of dozens of interviews on the subject of race in America--all supporting the efforts of athletes to speak out and up Voices of pain, anger, and hope resound through these pages--and through the reader's heart.".

Kevin James Biography Kevin James is a comedian and actor best known for playing Doug Heffernan on the sitcom ‘The King of Queens’. This biography of Kevin James provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & caninariojana.com Of Birth: Mineola.

This website provides a list of individuals and organizations who worked to end slavery in the United States, as well as historic documentation on the anti-slavery and abolition movements in the US. E.L. James is the pen name of Erika Leonard, author of the best-selling erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

E.L. James was born Erika Leonard in London, England, in Originally a television Occupation: Author.

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