An analysis of the symbolic criticism of the 1920s america in f scott fitzgeralds novel the great ga

Novel — A novel is any relatively long piece of written narrative fiction, normally in prose, and typically published as a book.

An analysis of the symbolic criticism of the 1920s america in f scott fitzgeralds novel the great ga

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Peter Venkman [ edit ] Peter Venkman is the leader of the Ghostbusters. He is portrayed by Bill Murray in both live action films, and is voiced in the animated series first by the late Lorenzo Musicfollowed by Dave Coulier.

Peter is one of three doctors of parapsychology on the team; he also holds a Ph. In the movies, he is characterized by his blunt persona, his laid-back approach to his profession, and his womanizing demeanor; of the three doctors in the Ghostbusters, he is the least committed to the academic and scientific side of their profession, and tends to regard his field, in the words of his employer in the first film, as "a dodge or hustle".

In the first movie he is shown to have romantic feelings for Dana. He is one of the three doctors of parapsychology on the team. Ray is considered the "heart" of the Ghostbusters by the other members of the team. He is an expert on paranormal history and metallurgy.

He is characterized by his almost childlike enthusiasm towards his work, and his outspoken acceptance of paranormal activity. Egon Spengler [ edit ] Egon Spengler is the brains of the Ghostbusters who serves as Peter Venkman's second-in-command, and the creator of the Ghostbusters' equipment along with Raymond Stantz.

Lacking much of a personality other than his focus on all things scientific, he is often shown as lacking social skills when dealing with people. LaMarche was the only voice actor to remain for the entirety of both series.

Before the movie was released, American Cinematographer described Egon as "maniacal" based on reading the script. Buster Jones provided Winston's voice in the remaining seasons, and he reprised the role in a cameo on Extreme Ghostbusters. Hudson reportedly auditioned to reprise the role of Winston for the animated series, but he was rejected in favor of Hall.

Unlike the other members of the team, Winston is not a scientist with a background in the paranormal; the novelization says that he was in the Marines.

The power of the spoken word

He is hired when the Ghostbusters' business begins to pick up. Despite not sharing the educational credentials of his coworkers, Winston often serves as the everyman of the team, acting as a voice of reason and displaying more common sense than the others.

In the video game, Winston claims to have spent time in the Egypt exhibit of the museum while in college, suggesting experience in anthropology or a related science. Dana Barrett[ edit ] Portrayed by Sigourney Weaver in the first and second movie, Dana Barrett was a single cellist living at Central Park West 55 Central Park Westa sinister apartment building which would become the gateway for the apocalyptic deity, Gozer The Gozerian.

Gatsby is killed by

Dana is singled out early for unwelcome paranormal attention by Gozer's minions, and seeks the help of the Ghostbusters after seeing their advertisement on television. She is possessed by the demon ZuulGatekeeper of Gozer; who along with Keymaster Vinz Clortho opens the interdimensional gate to summon Gozer to Earth in the first film.

She promptly attracts the romantic attention of Venkman, whose flippant behavior causes her to doubt her decision to seek aid from the Ghostbusters.

In the sequel five years later, Dana is a divorced mother of an eight-month-old boy named Oscar; Venkman is neither her former husband nor Oscar's father. Dana was then working as a restorationist for the fictitious Manhattan Museum of Art.

It is here that she and later Baby Oscar comes to the attention of the evil Prince Vigo The Carpathianwhose malign spirit inhabits his massive self portrait.

The power of the spoken word

When Dana and Baby Oscar becomes the target of Vigo's plot, the Ghostbusters re-enter her life to save her, Baby Oscar, and the world once more.

The two remained acquainted, then became friends. Louis and Janine Melnitz baby-sat Oscar and became a romantic item during the second film.

An analysis of the symbolic criticism of the 1920s america in f scott fitzgeralds novel the great ga

Janine has occasionally worn the Ghostbusters uniform and used ghost-catching equipment in the animated series. During the first film, Janine often flirted with Egon but none of her advances were returned in kind. She later dated Louis Tully in the sequel.F.

Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is properly considered one of the seminal works of literature exposing the “American dream” as crass materialism, at least to .

The decade of the s is often characterized as a period of American prosperity and optimism. It was the “Roaring Twenties,” the decade of bath tub gin, the model T, the $5 work day, the first transatlantic flight, and the movie. During the s and s America underwent a massive paradigm shift, a transition from an era of smug Victorian conformity and certainty to one of confusion and ambiguity called “modernism.”.

Idealists like F. Scott Fitzgerald, voiced an acid criticism of the de humanization and deaesthetization of the movies industry. One of Fitzgeralds letter to Alice Richardson on July 29, , breathes sheer repulsion toward the movie colony: Isnt Hollywood a dumpin the human sense of the word?

ANALYSIS. The Great Gatsby () F. Scott Fitzgerald () INTRODUCTION. The Great Gatsby is first of all a Realist novel of manners in the tradition of Henry James and Edith Wharton, who sought to reveal (1) universal truths of human nature and society through (2) objectivity in becomes a symbol of the American Dream.

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