An analysis of yvor winters poem at the san francisco airport

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An analysis of yvor winters poem at the san francisco airport

Al Filreis from left: Listen to a brief audio introduction and then watch three video recordings of several of us working through close readings. The readings are meant to be suggestive rather than complete or definitive.

An analysis of yvor winters poem at the san francisco airport

Our concern was to teach ourselves something about the metapoem. The metapoem of course is a poem about poetry, a poem that is somehow aware of itself as a thing made of letters and words. Poems about the reading of poems. Poems about poets reading. Poems about their own inscribing.

Poems that use reading as an allegory for loving, and loving as an allegory of understanding. Poems that cannot be understood topically thematically unless first one understands the ways in which they are about themselves — about the words they deploy, about the love or loving of words felt as they are being written.

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After listening to this introduction, are you able to define what meta-poetry is? The implication in this presentation is that meta-poems are especially interesting and provocative. Ponder for yourself what a meta-poem can do that a poem that is not self-referential—does not refer to itself as a poem—cannot do.

do homework % plagarize free During this time, he overcame tuberculosis, worked as a poet, and also taught.
Legal ethics I have always been able to appreciate poems, but I've never been great at looking for an underlying meaning to the author's words. I usually looked at poems as a type of short story.
Bestselling Series From to he attended the University of Chicago, however, at the end of his fall quarter in he was forced to stay at a sanatorium in New Mexico after discovering he had tuberculosis.
American literary critics In the course of his caperings the stage becomes a charged piece of this whirling planet as he enacts, incarnates, and embodies in performance what poetry must have once been like before it was expurgated categorically into epic, which was tribal and gave to the bard shaman-like powers; into lyric, in which a single voice, sometimes masked, sometimes naked, hymned his friends, mourned them too, or celebrated Olympic as well as battlefield victories; and into tragedy, where the polis gathered to see itself confessed in the tension between the good sense of community and the overweening individual desire for knowledge or personal justice.

What are the advantages of such self-reflexiveness? How might a meta-poem about love differ from a love poem otherwise? What does love have to do with wisdom and, alternatively, with ignorance?

Insofar as we realize that the reader in the poem presented in the third person is the speaker, what evidence do we find in the poem itself of this identification? The reader in the poem seems also to be a writer. Are these the phrases in the book he reads? Is it possible that he is reading a poem he himself had written?

Is the reader doing something the poem contends is not as good as living in reality? Does reading offer any consolation to the reader who feels shut off from the world? What is the tone of this poem? Each line seems to claim that the object of love is better or greater than the subject the one doing the loving.

So we are left thinking about the two random-seeming sound-words in each line. Try working with some of these pairs. Is the implication there that the subject is boreal and the object of love is tropical?

Practice the experimental logic of each pair. Try to work with each one. Does a pattern emerge? What is Mullen saying about relationships—about relation generally?

Are they always multiple? Are they inherently improvised? The terms are driven by sound. What does that do to semantic sense?Description. Kennedy and Gioia's Literature, Second Compact Edition, offers an excellent introduction to the study of fiction, poetry, and drama. Teen Ink, a national teen magazine, book series, and website devoted entirely to teenage writing, art, photos and forums.

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Nov 20,  · He was born in San Francisco and grew up in San Rafael. He grew up with an alcoholic mother, a major topic in the poem collection, Sun Under Wood.

His older brother encouraged him to dedicate himself to his writing. Here is a link to an edited/condensed version of our original thirty-three-minute ModPo video featuring a close reading of two poems from Harryette Mullen’s Sleeping with the has been added to the main syllabus of ModPo, the free, open, noncredit online course on .

Yvor Winters, "At the San Francisco Airport" Walter De La Mare, "Slim Cunning Hands" William Carlos Williams, "The Red Wheelbarrow" The Way a Poem Looks.

Introduction to Poetry, An, 9th Edition

e. e. cummings, "Buffalo Bill's" George Herbert, "Easter Wings" Robert Herrick, "The Pillar of Fame" 8. The Whole Text. In the poem from which the epigraph and title of this book are taken, the literal barriers (set up by the police) mark off Dore Alley in the South of Market district of San Francisco, the site of an annual gay celebration and part of a larger fair along Folsom Street, in the city where Thom Gunn made his home for more than forty years.

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