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After graduating from seminary, I seemed to confront only new things. In fact, it led to a regular humorous exchange between one of the elders of the congregation and me.

Being a pastor

However, evangelism and missionary work and converting Muslims to Christianity is prohibited by law, and Christians in practice may also face some discrimination as well in their lives.

In the Islamic Republic of Iranthere is officially no crime known as apostasy in the penal code although there was a law about it prior to The last known execution for this crime was in However, despite there being no official civil law of apostasy, judges may still convict a defendant of that crime if they rule based on religious fatwas.

As a result, a few people have been convicted of it, but there have been no known executions. In a man was executed in AhvazIran for blasphemy and "spreading corruption on the earth" Mofsed-Fel-Arz when he claimed that he was Godand attracting a "following" around himself.

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The apostate should be given three chances to repent and convert back to Islam. He originally had no known religion, however Nadarkhani said that he converted to Christianity as a child having never practised Islam.

However, court documents claim that he converted at age Prior to his arrest, he was the pastor of a network of Christian house churches.

He is a member of the Protestant evangelical Church of Iran. He was released two weeks later, without being charged. After he heard about this change, he went to the school and protested, based on the fact that Being a pastor Iranian constitution guarantees freedom to practice religion.

His protest was reported to the police, who arrested him and brought him before a court on 12 Octoberon charges of protesting.

She was sentenced to life imprisonment, and placed in prison in Lakan, Iran, which is just south of their hometown of Rasht. Death sentence[ edit ] The charges against Nadarkhani were later changed to apostasy and evangelism, the same charges he was initially arrested under in Iranian officials seemed reluctant to execute Nadarkhani, and kept delaying his sentence.

They also gave him several opportunities to convert back to Islam. The sentence was appealed and the 3rd Chamber of the Supreme Court in Qom upheld the conviction and sentence of death.

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Mohammad Ali Dadkhaha prominent Iranian human rights defender, received the written verdict of the Supreme Court of Iran, dated 12 Junewhich upholds the death sentence. The Supreme Court decision asked the court in Rasht, which issued the original death sentence, to re-examine some procedural flaws in the case, but ultimately gave the local judges the power to decide whether to release, execute or retry Mr.

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The recent written verdict included a provision for annulment should Mr. Nadarkhani recant his faith. During proceedings, the court found him guilty of evangelizing Muslims and sentenced him to three years in prison, time he has already served.

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He was released and is now back with his family. If the execution is carried out, Nadarkhani would be the first Christian executed for religious reasons in Iran in over 20 years.

Despite the finding that Mr. Nadarkhani did not convert to Christianity as an adult, the court continues to demand that he recant his faith or otherwise be executed.

The most recent court proceedings are not only a sham, but are contrary to Iranian law and international human rights standards, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which Iran is a party. Pastor Nadarkhani has done nothing more than maintain his devout faith, which is a universal right for all people.

I pay tribute to the courage shown by Pastor Nadarkhani who has no case to answer and call on the Iranian authorities to overturn his sentence. They also reported that they had not signed his execution order.

Being a pastor

Youcef Nadarkhani has security crimes and he had set up a house of corruption. Nobody is executed in our country for choosing a religion, but he has committed security crimes. He also accused Zionist media for spreading propaganda. If he is under trial in another court on other charges, I am not aware.

But we only defended him against the death sentence in the case of his charge of apostasy. The charge the court staff announced that I defended during several different court sessions was apostasy and no other charge.

There is no mention in the ruling of rape or extortion allegations. However, he was found guilty of evangelism, but released for having already served his time. He was beaten, his son was tasered and Nadarkhani was taken to prison.A Pentecostal pastor has applied for political asylum in Germany and is living there as a refugee with his family, saying that he is fearful of being arrested and treated as a terrorist back home in Russia.

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Mar 02,  · Now in paperback, On Being a Pastor is an essential tool to help pastors fulfill their calling. A pastor's responsibilities are unique, demanding that he nurture his own spiritual life as well as that of the people in his care/5.

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