Genogram themes

Most young people really enjoy this opportunity to talk about their family history, and it can work as a good tool to build trust and rapport in a working relationship. However be aware that some young people may find seeing a visual picture of the state of their relationships confronting, particularly if the majority of relationships in their life at present are conflictual or distant. Use a large piece of paper A3 or biggerto give you plenty of room for drawing and recording extra information over time.

Genogram themes

Genogram by Natalie D.

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To read this article with all illustrations, please download the Spring issue from the "digital issues" page of the magazine section Genogram themes the site. Also, please note that versions of software vary.

Genogram themes

Depending on which version of Word you are using, instructions may vary slightly from those provided. Genograms are a practical tool in social work practice, both in terms of assessment and intervention. Historically, the genogram is most commonly thought of in relation to practice with children, adolescents, and families to explore the quality of relationships and behavioral patterns across generations.

In child welfare practice, for example, the genogram is useful to incorporate changes over time, which is particularly helpful in charting shifts in custodial care for instances such as adoption or foster placements Altshuler, However, genograms can also be helpful when working with adults and serve as a tool to examine issues of interest beyond family dynamics.

This article will discuss the use of genograms in social work and describe how to create a genogram using Microsoft Word.

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It is noteworthy that the genogram can be useful for an individual client or a client system i. Typically, these are familial relationships. Such a framework can help practitioners determine the sources of presenting issue s and the foci of interventions.

The genogram offers insight into that very understanding. Identifying these connections can be useful when clients are stuck in a narrow view of the problem, blaming a particular family member for the issues of concern in the family.

The genogram can be useful in charting the basic family structure, recording individualized information e. Given these factors and the overall flexibility of its use, the genogram is well-suited for generalist and clinical social work practice.

Although most genograms graphically represent multiple family generations and the quality of family relationships, genograms can be designed to capture other information, as well.

For example, spiritual genograms provide a way to map significant events, affiliations, and family conflicts related to religion Frame, ; Hodge, Spirituality and religious beliefs are often a source of strength and identity for individuals and families, so displaying this significant aspect of life can be useful for clients.

Weiss and colleagues have proposed a military genogram for use in assessment and intervention with clients who have service members in their families.

This type of genogram takes into account strengths, as well as environmental, occupational, psychological, and family stressors that are unique to military life and culture. Creating the Genogram It is beneficial to know how to create a genogram using Microsoft Word.

Most social workers have access to this computer program and are relatively comfortable using it. A genogram made in Word can easily be inserted into the narratives of assessments, which are often typed in Word format.Academicians and Professionals use the Genogram template to derive relationships among the people.

It is a powerful way to establish a relationship in a single document. Without the online document, you might have to buy the samples; however, templates are available for free. Focused Genograms provides a cutting-edge guide to utilizing the Intersystem Approach meta-framework and attachment theory to construct focused genograms.

The Genogram and Social Work Practice

Focused genograms are graphic representations of intergenerational family interactions, and can be tailored to themes. This new volume includes nearly two decades of research, clinical experience, and theory; including rapidly expanding. Class Offerings. Inquirers’ Class.

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Genogram Template Using GenoPro To download (2 KB), you will also need to download GenoPro, a software used for creating and editing .

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