How to write a price increase letter to clients

To increase your rates without causing clients to reassess whether to do business with you, be straightforward and focus on adding value rather than justifying the increase. If you have a particularly valuable customer, consider issuing him a temporary extension of current rates.

How to write a price increase letter to clients

Don't increase prices too often and when you do only go up in small increments - if you do it like this most customers won't bother looking into other companies to compare it is easier to keep going with the same service then spend time looking for a new one.

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Have information ready to justify the increase if customers request reasons - suppliers increasing prices, labor costs increasing, gas prices etc. Also tell them how you have tried to avoid price increases but have got to the point where it is no longer possible.

Apologize for the inconvenience and let customers know that you are considering them and feel bad that you are no loner able to absorb the price increase that you have are subject to.

Mix the bad news with some good news if you can to balance it out. Let customers know that a price increase is necessary to ensure that you are able to continue their cleaning service at the same high standard that they have been used to.

Phase out low-cost products

If you are increasing prices purely to make more money then consider it an experiment although it is probably more like a hand of poker. Raise prices and then assess the effects - did the revenue gain more than make up for the lost clients? Are you likely to be able to pull another price increase off six months later or would that be pushing it too far?WELCOME TO iSAMPLELETTER The Internet's largest collections of sample letters online!

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Doing this increases the chances of extending contracts with the existing clientele. Make sure the messaging is consistent for all reps handling the client account.

how to write a price increase letter to clients

It’s always with reluctance that we have to announce a price increase to cover our increased cost of equipment, supplies, and staff. We trust that our 10 percent increase, effective March 1, will still allow you to enjoy the services you’ve come to expect from an advisory group such as ours.

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Letter - Notice of Price Increase. Welcome, you've arrived at an RP Emery & Associates Free Legal Document Page. Writing well, just like speaking well is a valuable communication skill especially when it comes to business matters.

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