I disagree with school uniforms

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I disagree with school uniforms

This information applies to K public school students in Rhode Island. Rules for colleges and private schools will differ. Additionally, public school district policies on these issues will vary greatly, and there will sometimes be disagreements about what constitutes appropriate clothing.

People often express who they are and what they believe by what they wear. Because students maintain certain constitutional rights to free expression when they are in a public school, their decisions about their appearance are, to some extent, protected as well.

In the case of Tinker v. Supreme Court ruled that students had a constitutional right to wear a black armband to school to protest U. Since then, courts have continued to hold that students generally have a right to express political views through their clothing.

This can include, for example, wearing clothing that endorses or criticizes a politician or, as in more recent cases, wearing t-shirts supporting or opposing gay rights.

Additionally, schools cannot prohibit students from wearing clothes that are in observance of their religion, such as a Muslim wearing a hijab in school. As a general rule, schools cannot bar you from wearing clothing simply because they disapprove of the message that the clothing conveys. Of course, students and school officials can often disagree about what may or may not be disruptive.

There is no simple answer.

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Back inin a case called Gardner v. However, if there is a social, political or religious message associated with what you are wearing, the courts will be more sympathetic.

However, any policies along those lines would have to be clearly and reasonably drafted, and specific as to what was not allowed. On the other hand, removable body piercings may be held to not fall within the realm of constitutionally protected expression at school. However, the ACLU believes that to punish you for your hairstyle or body piercings, your school should have to show that they were disruptive or caused a valid health or safety risk.

There is no direct case on this issue in Rhode Island, but the ACLU believes that forcing students to wear uniforms infringes on their right to free speech and expression, and violates the standards set out in the previously-mentioned Gardner case.

However, schools can promote a voluntary student uniform policy, which a number of schools in Rhode Island have done. Inthe Rhode Island ACLU successfully sued a school district that had banned a student from wearing medieval garb and holding a prop broadsword in his senior yearbook photo.

More recently, the ACLU of Mississippi successfully challenged a school district that would not allow a female student to wear a tuxedo in her senior photo. You have the right to peacefully protest a dress code policy, but that does not mean you can violate the policy or engage in other activity legitimately banned in school.

In a Rhode Island case, students walked out of school one day to protest a new dress code. Although the school had the right to punish the students for walking out of school and missing classes, they were given a longer suspension than if they had simply bunked class.

The state Commissioner of Education held that it was illegal for school officials to punish the students for missing school to participate in a political protest more harshly than if they had missed school for any other purpose.Mar 24,  · Whilst I agree the school system is broken, I disagree on your view on uniform.

I disagree with school uniforms

Uniform makes school about educational achievement and removes any competition over consumer purchases by parents. Maybe for some schools like in the bid towns with the gangs, but i do approve that there should be uniforms because there wouldn't be many stereo types.

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I disagree with school uniforms

I disagree with the education in China. When I was young, I was try my best to make good progress.I lost many fun in my school.I really want to have a trip only myself.

In some American soap operas,students are very free,they are not forced to wear uniforms,and they always fall in love in the schoo. School uniforms necessary essay disagree. By. Posted October 29, In School uniforms necessary essay disagree 0.

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Arguments for and against school Uniforms