Marketing plan of thy

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Marketing plan of thy

Discover how designers play with dimension and space to create mindbending optical illusions that leap off the page—and wall, and screen. Enter your email to download this article from HOW magazine. Tumbusch April 2, Contemplating the leap into freelancing?

So were several of the attendees at the recent Strategies for Creative Freelancers session in January. Many of the questions they asked were familiar because I had asked them myself—or should have—when I was starting my career nearly a dozen years ago.

As I surfed the discussion boards, many lessons from those early years came flooding back. A few were things I did right the first time, but many more had to be learned from repeated trial and error. Save your pennies I highly recommend starting your freelance career with a savings cushion.

I had four when I launched my business.

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Know thy customer Know who your target market is going to be and get to know them well before you start. Learn what they need and what challenges you are best suited to solve for them.

Beware the temptation to market yourself as someone who can do any type of design work for anyone. Regular self-promotion will be critical to your survival. Conquer your fear by mastering the skill.

Two final points about self-promotion: The most important time to do self-promotion is when you have plenty of business coming in.

Marketing plan of thy

Which leads us to… 4. Build a partner network Make connections with other freelancers whose skills complement your own. Freelancer networks offer multiple benefits: One of the best places to forge these connections is the Creative Freelancer Business Conference coming up in Boston this May.

Consider a specialization Specialization not only makes it easier for prospects to understand what you do, it enables you to justify higher rates in your specialty field. I became a specialist in financial copy practically by accident because I happened to land a lot of that type of work early in my career.

You can add additional specializations or let them lapse as your business grows and changes. Pay yourself a living wage…or better When you set your rates, remember that you are paying for all of your business expenses, from equipment to taxes to insurance, etc.

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In his book Secrets of a Freelance Copywriter, Bob Bly offers the rough calculation that freelancers should charge about 2. The clients you want to work for understand that they get what they pay for, and there are plenty of them out there.

Above all, do your best-quality work for everyone, and know that what you do has a value that many businesses and organizations are desperately looking for.

Marketing plan of thy

Tumbusch writes copy that creates action for designers, creative agencies and green businesses. For more on living the freelance life: Want to get the scoop on how to get started? Want to find out how to best balance work and personal time? How to brand yourself, and launch a successful passion project?Rewards and incentives agency TLC Marketing is expanding by opening a new office in Stockholm.

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