My personal college life experience

Personal Statement Example 8 By: Heidi P I have since reworked my essay and would prefer that the second copy be considered if possible. I am about characters over the limit and I am not sure what to cut or where.

My personal college life experience

I actually assumed lots of other people were doing it too, but apparently they were not. I have a complete archive of all my email going back to —a year after Mathematica was released, and two years after I founded Wolfram Research. The big gap each day comes from when I was asleep.

The stripe in summer is a trip to Europe. But what about the s? Well, that was when I spent a decade as something of a hermit, working very hard on A New Kind of Science. The rather dramatic discontinuity in is the moment when A New Kind of Science was finally finished, and I could start leading a different kind of life.

So what about other features of the plot? Some line up with identifiable events and trends in my life, sometimes reflected in my online scrapbook or timeline. Because as with essentially any long-timescale data project, there are all kinds of glitches here like misformatted email headers, unset computer clocks, and untagged automated mailings that have to be found and systematically corrected for before one has consistent data to analyze.

And before, in this case, I can trust that any dots in the middle of the night are actually times I woke up and sent email which is nowadays very rare. Again, there are some life trends visible. The gradual decrease in the early s reflects me reducing my involvement in day-to-day management of our company to concentrate on basic science.

The increase in the s is me jumping back in, and driving more and more company projects. And the peak in early reflects with the final preparations for the launch of Wolfram Alpha. What is this distribution? Is there a simple model for it? Wolfram Alpha Pro tells us that the best fit it finds is to a geometric distribution.

But it officially rejects that fit. Still, at least the tail seems—as so often—to follow a power law. The vast majority of these recipients are people or mailgroups within our company. And I suspect the overall growth is a reflection of both the increasing number of people at the company, and the increasing number of projects in which I and our company are involved.

The peaks in and are both associated with the later phases of big projects Mathematica 3 and the launch of Wolfram Alpha where I was watching all sorts of details, often using email-based automated systems.

There are all kinds of detailed facts to extract: Or how my habits in using different computers and applications have changed. And looking at the daily totals, I can see spikes of writing activity—typically associated with creating longer documents including blog posts.

But at least at an overall level things like the plots above look similar for keystrokes and email.

My personal college life experience

What about other measures of activity? My automated systems have been quietly archiving lots of them for years.

And for example this shows the times of events that have appeared in my calendar:Don’t miss the revelatory TRES VIDAS at the James Lumber Center. Friday, Sept. 21 at p.m. This chamber music theatre work celebrates the life, times and work of three legendary Latin and South American Women: Mexican painter Fida Kahlo, Salvadoran peasant activist Rufina Amaya and Argentinean poet Alfonsina Storni.

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