Ped 116 final project

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Ped 116 final project

This project requires the design and layout of a chip which contains a high-speed digital low-pass filter. Filters are one of the most common blocks found in digital signal processors, which are increasingly popular in many electronic systems.

The filter is a 5-tap or 5-coefficient finite impulse response FIR filter and has a saturator at its output. It processes one sample every clock cycle enabling very high data throghputs. The plot below shows the magnitude frequency response of an example 7-tap filter with a phase plot below it.

The values of the coefficients determine the specifications and type of the filter e. The filter consists of three major components: Use the multiplier from your Hwk as a starting point and revise it at least once to improve its area and speed.

Educational Implications of Prenatal Exposure to Drugs

The adders must be built with a simple ripple-carry adder structure made up of a chain of full adders. The filter is followed by a saturator which saturates or clips the output to be no greater than a certain level. Saturation is a common method to reduce the magnitude and word-width of signals and in some sense is complimentary to rounding.

The 5 coefficients of the filter and the saturation level are programmable. Students produced all layout themselves.A family has two cars.

Ped 116 final project

The first car has a fuel efficiency of 20 miles per gallon of gas and the second has a fuel efficiency of 30 miles per gallon of gas. PED Sunday, April 27, Final week of fitness project.

I am glad that i am finished with the fitness project, because it was difficult at times, but in a way i am also kind of sad because i will no longer be monitoring and logging everything that i did at the gym. Logging everything allowed me to see the changes in my body.

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b. comtes de savoie et de maurienne c. princes of achaia, signori del piemonte.. d. signori di raconiggi. EEC - VLSI Design Final Project Hall of Fame. Designs shown on this EEC - VLSI Design Final Project Hall of Fame are the ones that achieved the lowest Area × Minimum Cycle Time product for the course's final project.

PED - Lifetime Fitness and Wellness. Requires completion of a project or research report related to the student's occupational objectives and a study of approaches to the selection and pursuit of career opportunities in the field.

May be repeated for credit.

Ped 116 final project

Variable hours. University of Mary Washington College Avenue Fredericksburg, Virginia

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