Radio shack project box

It used a Zilog Z80 processor clocked at 1. The remaining 48 kB of the 64 kB memory map space is available for program use, subject to the amount of physical RAM installed. Performing a read from the keyboard area of the memory would return the state of a particular set of keys.

Radio shack project box

Club Meeting and V. Test Session will take place on Wednesday November 14, Test Session begins at 5: Club Meeting begins at 6: This includes all levels of licensing.

You do not have to be a D. S Club member to attend the V. Test Session or the Club meeting. We invite everyone to attend.

Radio shack project box

We should be able to get in the room starting around 5: Directions to the location are as follows: Take your first right onto Showtime Drive if you get to the Security Guard Shack, you have gone too far! Stop at the security camera kiosk, push the button to alert security and show a photo ID can be a drivers license to the host or hostess via the security camera.

Let them know you are there to attend the D. The gate to your right will open. You may park in any of the visitor or open parking spaces. Enter the Cast Services Building through the covered entrance and double glass doors.

Turn left and follow the hallway to the end and turn left again. The Players Conference room is on the right. We will be monitoring the If you have made it to the McDonalds at All Star and are having trouble finding us, just give a call on Someone usually arrives between 4 and 4:- is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio).

This is an AC electric generator which lights up a tiny incandescent light bulb. The generator is made from a hollow-ended cardboard box with a nail through the center.

Perfect for electronic hobbies, science kits and more!

Radio shack project box

Constructed of durable ABS plastic, this enclosure features four standoffs in the bottom corners to support a PC board. P-Box Kits Data Sheets. SPARKTRON ~ P-Box Kits ~ This is one of the things that fired up my interest in electronics - the Radio Shack, Science Fair, P-Box kits.

There were about 30 of these things back in the early 's. My first one was an electronic metronome. As I find other manuals, I will add them to the list. This Arduino compatible project box works with UNO and Mega boards.

It's durable and can be stacked. The package includes three acrylic boards, four aluminum mounting rail. 62 September Figure 1—Schematic of the simple regen receiver. Unless otherwise specified, resistors are 1/4-W, 5%-tolerance carbon- composition or metal-film units. Home - Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) Community Site