Rap regarding obu

Topic 19 and 20 Wide range of Topics OBU is offering wide range of topics for students to choose from. They can make their choices of personal interest and knowledge, along with available information on a specific topic.

Rap regarding obu

No, Harvard is recommended but it is not actually prescribed. Harvard provides the means for students to obtain the basics of good referencing therefore by encouraging its use, OBU helps students familiarise themselves with referencing requirements whilst preparing those who go on to do a further degree where Harvard is required, to acquire good referencing skills and habits.

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Whatever the method of referencing it must be systematic so that the reader or your marker can easily verify the exact source. The requirements for referencing are that you must show exactly what in the text you are referencing, your referencing is systematic for example designations in the text are the same as in the reference list so that the actual sources can be located easily with the use of a search engine and everything that should be referenced, is referenced.

Provided the system you use, be it subscript numbers or footnotes, essentially allows the reader to see what you are referencing and means they can locate or verify that the original source exists you will meet the assessment criteria for your OBU RAP 2 How many references should I have?

As indicated in Part 1 there is no exact number as this will depend on the topic and sources. However every fact, statement of opinion and ideas of others must be referenced and all sources e. Provided your referencing complies with the requirements set out in Q1 then in principle there is no reason why you should not do this.

However do read and follow the Golden Rules we have set out as an automated list may not necessarily produce the appendages as required and you may encounter a little problem when inserting page numbers in an intext reference. Remember it is your responsibility to ensure that your reference list is accurate and fulfils the requirements so even if you do use an inbuilt program tool to help, you may need to check the final version.

By the way see YouTube videos on how to use these tools to automatically create a reference list 4 How do I reference a personal interview or personal communications?


For your RAP you need to ensure that your work contains a balance of opinion and presents a situation from different viewpoints. Remember with interviews the marker is in a difficult position — in the RAP students are making statements and expecting them to be believed.

Rap regarding obu

Where there are references to secondary sources the marker can check these by tracking down the documents. With interviews you are asking the marker to take your comments on trust and although they will accept to a point that you are not making the whole thing up, if there are few external references in the world of academia this is considered to be poor academic practice as it lacks objective assessment.

OBU has stipulated that where students claim to have interviewed management they must now provide a copy on the letter confirming the interview on company headed paper or an email containing the valid company email address of the interviewee private email addresses are not acceptable.

For the purpose of your RAP, it is sufficient therefore to refer either to the relevant interviewee, interviewer, reporter or presenter as appropriate and use this as you would an author in your reference. Be consistent and ensure that the name in the text is the same as that in the reference list and give the full name of the programme and date it was broadcast.

References that include a long website address in the text are not advised. The marker will at best find this frustrating as they will have to scrutinised perhaps several pages or resort to an electronic search to try to locate what they are looking for.

At worst the marker may regard this lazy referencing as inadequate evidence that you really know how to reference properly in which case you will be failed on referencing. The general rules of referencing still apply so you should attempt to give as much information as possible so that the reader can locate your reference e.

It is probably better to use Wikipedia as a means of locating more acceptable sources as some contributors do reference and give details of where they have extracted their information, try to track down the original source and read and reference that instead.We provide OBU RAP Mentoring Services for ACCA Students across globe.

"VM" is a team of professionals that have vast experience in mentoring to ACCA students for OBU RAP. If you have any questions regarding OBU RAP go and read our FAQs to get all your queries resolved.

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If the Oxford Brookes University degree in Applied Accounting is your first degree, ensure you follow the OBU referencing guidelines. One of the main reasons students fail their RAP is because they didn’t reference their report effectively and appropriately.

I learned to handle confidential information and make judgments regarding pertinent areas in the RAP. Undertaking the research was an opportunity for me to use accounting models in real life situations and question the practicality of these models in different business cultures, thus identifying the .

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