Reflection paper on philosophy of education

Individual[ edit ] The formalization of constructivism from a within-the-human perspective is generally attributed to Jean Piaget, who articulated mechanisms by which information from the environment and ideas from the individual interact and result in internalized structures developed by learners. He identified processes of assimilation and accommodation that are key in this interaction as individuals construct new knowledge from their experiences. When individuals assimilate new information, they incorporate it into an already existing framework without changing that framework.

Reflection paper on philosophy of education

Download this Essay in word format. This is a personal objective I would desire to actively pursue in my teaching role. Thanks to the close relationships educators forge with learners in the course of instruction, educators occupy a strategic position as far as influencing the academic achievements of students as well as their behaviors and outlook about life is concerned.

While my educational philosophy rating was experimentalism, my supervisory belief was collaborative. With regard to my educational philosophy, the focus ought to be on teaching students how to think, as opposed to what to think.

I feel that I reinforce knowledge in a more significant way via experimentation. It is for this reason that I am convinced that classroom management ought to be adapted to be constructivist.

The teaching methods I adopt are, therefore, tilted towards experimenting and the further advancement of hands-on approaches to solving problems.

As much as these are important in a professional setting, so are other skills and abilities including, but not limited to, problem solving skills, ability to relate well with others, ability to spot and embrace change, etc. I am of the opinion that if I can equip students with the appropriate problem solving methodologies and the skills that they require to be successful in whatever it is that they pursue later on in life, I will have succeeded in seeking to bring positive and meaningful change in their lives.

As I have pointed out elsewhere in this reflectionmy supervisory belief was collaborative. This, in essence, happens to be my preferred advisory approach.

I hold the opinion that cooperative partnerships ought to be forged between principals and administrators.

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Towards this end, instead of being largely autocratic and heavy-handed, administrators ought to create an enabling environment whereby teachers are permitted and encouraged to further enhance their competencies and evolve.

I feel that in such a setting, the emphasis in this case should be on both teamwork and collaboration. This, in my opinion,….John D. Norton. home >> CV. Distinguished Professor Department of History and History and Philosophy of Science University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh PA USA A Reflection Paper On How Philosophy Helps me in Attaining TIP Graduate Attributes.

by: Mark Gil S. Alceso March 15, in which people needs to confront in their everyday living.5/5(2).

Reflection paper on philosophy of education

Jul 22,  · View this essay on Education Philosophy Reflection. Education Philosophies Philosophy is an extensive branch of knowledge that deals with the notions of reality and existence with a solid correlation to wisdom.

In the following paper I will present my views on philosophy as a whole by examining what I believe philosophy is supposed to do, as well as how it can benefit the life of any individual willing to invest time in it and the societies that promote such thoughts.

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Reflection paper on philosophy of education

As Aristotle quoted “all men desire to know.”. American Philosophy. The term “American Philosophy,” perhaps surprisingly, has been somewhat vague. While it has tended to primarily include philosophical work done by Americans within the geographical confines of the United States, this has not been exclusively the case.

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