Sample internal control narrative description

As part of a financial statement audit, the auditors are required to gain an understanding of the internal control system and to determine if the internal control system is functioning as intended.

Sample internal control narrative description

Documenting your policies and procedures is very important to ensure consistent operations. Also, you must routinely follow established policies and procedures to be eligible to self-correct many plan errors under the IRS plan correction programs.

Internal controls are policies and procedures designed to help you detect and prevent errors. Strong internal controls are important to provide a reasonable level of assurance that your plan is operating properly.

Plan service providers Who is the plan trustee? Who is the plan administrator? Employee eligibility Who determines when an employee is eligible to participate in the plan?

What steps does this person take to determine if an employee is eligible to participate? How does this person track the amount of service an employee has completed?

Who is responsible for maintaining personnel records? How is information from personnel records shared with the plan administrator?

What steps are taken to notify employees they are eligible to participate in the plan? Contributions What steps does an employee take to elect to defer money or make a change to a previous election?

Is payroll done by an outside service provider or in-house? If payroll is done by an outside service provider: Who is the outside service provider?

Sample internal control narrative description

How is information shared with the outside service? How does the plan administrator share payroll data with the outside service provider? If payroll is done in-house: Who is responsible for preparing payroll? How is payroll data shared with the plan administrator?

Who verifies that participants' compensation used for plan purposes matches the plan definition of compensation? How are employee deferrals remitted to the trust holding participant accounts?

Sample internal control narrative description

Who verifies that the correct amount was remitted to the trust and allocated to the correct participant accounts? How are matching and nonelective contribution amounts determined?

Who ensures that each participant received the correct allocation of matching and nonelective contributions? Plan distributions How are plan loan applications reviewed and approved?Basic description of the overall system process, including: purpose, process chronology by functional unit, major functional units’ description, basic description Developing a Control Narrative Sample Plant Process Layout.

The following is an example of Process Layout. An entire plant has been broken down into areas and. Never write another job description from scratch.

Documenting Internal Controls

Use Workable’s free job description templates and sample examples to attract great hires. Sarbanes Oxley and its Impact on Payroll Controls. The Nation’s Leader in Payroll Education.

Agenda • SOX frame of mind good internal controls and sharp audits.” detailed narrative – Chart all “key controls. Sample Narrative Internal Control and Audit Program Case The following description of the accounting system and internal controls for materials purchases by the Johnson Machinery Company, a medium-sized firm that builds special machinery to order.

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Process Documentation Narrative and Flow Chart Guide internal controls testing, and implementing process improvements as necessary. Login. Topics: Performance Management/Measurement, Internal Audit Checklists and Questionnaires Job Descriptions Memos Methodologies and Models Policies and Procedures Process Flows Risk and Control.

A CPA's audit working papers contain a narrative description of a segment of the Croyden. Factory, Inc., payroll system and an accompanying flowchart as follows: NARRATIVE. The internal control system with respect to the personnel department is well-functioning and is.