This is why i chose to

Pin White Clover — This is what my living mulch should soon look like. Photo by Martin LaBars I mentioned in my post about building raised beds that I chose to add New Zealand white clover to the edges of the raised bed to act as a living mulch. First off, I should explain what a living mulch is, and how it differs from a cover crop: Living mulches grow for a long time with the main crops, whereas cover crops are incorporated into the soil or killed with herbicides.

This is why i chose to

You are the reason why I said yes to the invitation to come here today. When I look around, I see people who want to make a contribution.

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I see people who want to make a better world, by doing groundbreaking scientific work, by creating impressive works of art, by writing critical articles or inspiring books, by starting up sustainable businesses.

And you all have chosen your own instruments to fulfill this mission of creating a better world. Some chose the microscope as their instrument.

Others chose dancing or painting, or making music like we just heard. Some chose the pen. Others work through the instrument of money. Ladies and gentlemen, I made a different choice.

Laughter Applause I share your goals. I share the goals of the speakers you heard before. I did not choose to take up the pen, the brush, the camera.

This is why i chose to

I chose this instrument. I chose the gun.

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For you, and you heard already, being so close to this gun may make you feel uneasy. It may even feel scary.

This is why i chose to

Let us stop for a moment and feel this uneasiness. You could even hear it. Let us cherish the fact that probably most of you have never been close to a gun. It means the Netherlands is a peaceful country. The Netherlands is not at war. It means soldiers are not needed to patrol our streets.

Guns are not a part of our lives. In many countries, it is a different story. In many countries, people are confronted with guns. They are intimidated — by warlords, by terrorists, by criminals. Weapons can do a lot of harm. They are the cause of much distress. Why then am I standing before you with this weapon?

Why did I choose the gun as my instrument? Today I want to tell you why. Today I want to tell you why I chose the gun to create a better world. And I want to tell you how this gun can help. My story starts in the city of Nijmegen in the east of the Netherlands, the city where I was born.

My father was a hardworking baker, but when he had finished work in the bakery, he often told me and my brother stories. The story of what happened when he was a conscripted soldier in the Dutch armed forces at the beginning of the Second World War. The Nazis invaded the Netherlands.

Their grim plans were evident. They meant to rule by means of repression. Diplomacy had failed to stop the Germans.

Only brute force remained.

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It was our last resort. My father was there to provide it. As the son of a farmer who knew how to hunt, my father was an excellent marksman.Kevin Durant is in the midst of making a run at back-to-back NBA titles with the Warriors after joining the roster for the season.

But in a recent interview, Durant revealed the reason. JAY-Z and Beyoncé had good reasons for the names they chose for their newborn twins, who were born in June.

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Find out main reasons why Jason Buffington chose Veeam and learn three main characteristics of a world-class company.

Los Angeles Lakers 'It Had to Be About Something Bigger': Why LeBron James Chose the LA Lakers Ken Berger @. @KBergNBA. This book is really a compendium of the evidence of active espionage over many years against Alger Hiss. As such it collects massive amounts evidence and cross references the various connections to show that the facts are corroborated by various sources.

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